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Tips for Handling & Caring your paintings

Use two hands when moving, lifting, or checking artwork. Using one hand can stress your painting, canvas, frame etc.

Never lean any stretched canvas against a sharp or pointed object, no matter how small. It will most likley leave a dent that could damage your art. If you need to, lean it against the wood of its stretcher bars so nothing presses against the surface or back of the canvas.

We all know prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light helps the art nothing and over time, can fade and discolor art. The advent of giclee canvas prints have prolonged canvas art dramatically if cared for properly…this includes out of direct UV light.

Avoid hanging or storing artwork in overly moist environments such as some bathrooms, kitchens, or basements.

Do not spray anything such as furniture polish or household cleaners on paintings or giclees. Dust with a soft, dry cloth gently, no water.
Giclee canvases can handle a soft damp cloth…gently.

Ensure the wire and hangers are tight enough and strong enough to hold up your art. Gently lift the art by the wire, as it would hang.
Give it a little extra pull. If you feel good…hang it.