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One of the myths people have is that the shipping cost varies based on the volume and distance. Could be true or could not be true. One of the methods of shipping includes art shuttles. These are insurable carriers with trained personnel for handling fine art and with a fleet of trucks apt for shipping fine art. Let’s look at some of the vectors which you should understand when it comes to the shipping costs:

  • Cost will vary upon the location of your point of departure and the destination.
  • Easy to reach areas might have lesser costs than locations which are hard to reach by.
  • Art shuttles have specific routes and schedules. If your artwork needs to be delivered off-route or requires a flexible schedule, it might cost you more.
  • Special handling like climate controlled trucks will surely bump up the quote.
  • If you opt for the trained crew to do the packing for your art work that will be an additional cost to your estimate.

One could choose from many methods of shipping fine art internationally. That includes, shipping by air, by an ocean route or by road. Each method has its own pros and cons.
Gaining knowledge about the international customs policies is beneficial to set your expectations and avoid any last minute surprises. Since you are shipping artwork internationally it is mandatory to understand the rules and regulations governing overseas borders and customs. The checklist would be to know about :

  • Duties and taxes applicable in your home country and the destination country.
  • Any specific act, rule or section pertaining to shipping artwork internationally.
  • Customs documentation like invoices and forms to be included in the shipment.
  • Penalties, miscellaneous charges, port fees etc.

Reviewing these fine art international shipping tips will hopefully make you feel more confident. Now that you understand the nuances of shipping fine art internationally, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give us a call at 020 8561 4321 or request a fine art international shipping quote!