Do you have a large bespoke item of furniture, military hardware or an oversized unique item that you need assistance with? Then we are the company that can help.  We are well equipped to carry out this work, and our technical staff are very practically minded with their fantastic ‘can-do’ attitude.  Our qualified appointed person assessors often work with fabricators to construct frame works and mounting systems.

Are you looking to install a focal point for a large scale exhibition we can assist with the transport and installation,  supplying riggers and our expert installers.

We have moved the most obscure items, from an 8 meter solid composite table weighing in at a hefty 2 tonnes, to a fighter jet cockpit, as well as mounting a Formula One race car on a wall.   We can deal with any object, regardless of weight, size or location.

We have carried out major installations all over the UK and Europe in galleries, private residencies, shopping centers and museums.


Bronze Wall Mount

  • Heavy wall mounting of bronze panels
  • Each panel weighed 400kg
  • Internal wall frame work fabricated
  • Mounted on to a custom frame by our techs

Light Art

  • 8 meter light unit
  • Mounted to a ceiling height of 10 meters
  • Install by our experienced techs at height
  • Custom frame fabricated to mount the work

Heavy Marble

  • Heavy wall mounting
  • We transport stone works and marble
  • This was an installation of several slabs of marble we bonded together to create a room

Large Mirror

  • Transport 4m x 4m 400kg mirror
  • Fabricate a custom travel frame
  • Delivered & installed successfully

Stone Bench

  • 5m stone bench weighing 2000kg
  • Transported and installed
  • Lowered in to a basement with extremely tight access

Marble Coffee Table

  • 1ton marble coffee table
  • Delivered to the 5th floor via one of our cranes

Super large size table

  • This table weighed 1600kg, and measured an 7 meters x 2.5 meters.
  • We delivered it to the 1st floor of our client’s home with only 10cm to spare.
  • Installed using our mini crane and hiab truck

Historic Military Objects

  • We have transported many missile’s and military ware
  • Historic Army and Navy, tanks to landing craft
  • This one was displayed in a London office

Plane Moving

  • Plane and helicopter transport
  • We can transport and install historic heavy military hardware

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